RPM Expands to Third Floor

Our humble beginnings started in a small office across the street. Today, we operate in a multi-floor Royal Oak office, located at 301 W. 4th Street. Since moving into our current location, we have expanded from the second floor, to the first floor. Now we are happy to announce that we will expand for a third time.

The first, second and third floor will now house RPM’s entire operation – with the third floor adding an additional 8,000 sq. ft of wide open trading space. The new expansion will include a large dramatic glass conference room, as well as an open cafe where the team can relax, enjoy meals and take time to get to know one another.

Demolition has begun, and will take place over the course of the next several months. The scheduled move in date is set for fall.

According to RPM Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Barry Spilman, we are planning to take over the space on September 1, 2018.

“We will have all of the design, implementation and installation of the office, including furniture layout, miscellaneous decor, and required I.T. hardware, ready to begin for full operations,” Barry said. “With the current design, we are anticipating the ability to add an additional 150 total employees to the RPM team through the utilization of this amazing new trading floor.”

RPM currently has 150 talented professionals – an additional 150 will grow RPM’s current operation to nearly 300 employees.

Barry explained that it is difficult to find property, in the heart of Royal Oak, to accommodate an operation as large as RPM. “That has been one of our biggest challenges as we grow,” he said. “We have built a great relationship with the owners of the building that we occupy. Over the course of the past four years, they have moved mountains to enable us to occupy the first, second, and now third floors of their marquee Royal Oak building, located directly across from the iconic Royal Oak Music Theatre.  The combination of all this square footage will give us roughly 24,000 sq ft. of active trading space to expand our team from 150 to 300 individuals, over the next couple of years.”

“In order to fuel a rapidly growing company, there are many aspects you need, to stay well ahead of,” Barry said. “It is incredibly important to have the foresight to ensure that we have the physical space available, along with the right design. With that being said this additional 3rd floor trading space, allows us to execute our lofty growth plans over the next couple of years.

Barry explained that RPM will not only expand its headcount, but plans to accelerate its growth quicker. “This (growth) allows us to provide top notch service to our current portfolio of trading partners, support a great deal of new clients, and continue to add the necessary depth and breath to the RPM team,” he said. “The right additions to our team gives us the ability to handle the needs of all customers, from the smallest to the largest and most complex logistics chains in Freight, Vehicle, Bulk, and Tow verticals. I see this expansion as a gateway to reaching our goals. It ensures the continued success of our teammates, customers, carrier partners, and of course RPM.”

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