From the Beginning

Meet RPM’s Sue Molnar.

She joined RPM less than a year after it was founded. Until last year, she worked days at RPM, and nights at a local bar.

“I was bartending and going to go back to school full-time for my masters,” Sue Molnar, Director of Claims Management and Issue Resolution, said. “In the meantime, one of my friends and a former RPM employee said that he was working for this awesome startup company. He recommended it, saying that I would really like to work there.”

He was right. Sue has been an RPM’er since 2013 when she joined the team.

She started out handling full truckload and less-than-truckload responsibilities. This allowed her to learn both areas of the business, while lending a hand to both departments. She then ended up taking on less-than-truckload responsibilities full-time. Today, she manages all of the claims for RPM and works to resolve any outstanding issues.

Sue graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor’s in Business Management, where she focused on management and supply chain.

“I always thought about trucking,” Sue said when talking about her career choice. Her first job “fell into her lap” after college graduation, when she went to work for Central Transport, located in Warren, Mich. She was promoted to the Ambassador Bridge, where she worked 12-hour shifts on her feet. Despite the long days, she still continued to work her shifts at Charlie’s Bar and Grill, located in Wyandot, Mich. She spent about 5 years at Central Transport before she made the move to RPM.

Sue tended bar for nearly 15 years, leaving the industry last year to focus on her career at RPM. After she left Charlie’s Bar and Grill, she took a position at Sneaky’s Bar in Woodhaven, Mich.

“(Bartending is) just so much fun,” Sue said. “Customers turn into lifelong friends. I used to love the nightlife. I just loved the atmosphere and being social.”

Sue describes RPM’s culture as fun. Saying that both the CFO, Brandon Grittini and the CCO Jake McLeod have acted as mentors to her throughout her career at RPM.

“I’m happy here,” Sue said. “I love our owners. They’re amazing. Not a lot of people look forward to going to work period, but the people here, everyone is friends. Everyone knows each other, they’re all fun to be around. They all work hard. I’ve never experienced anything like it.”

When she isn’t hammering out long days at the office, or hanging out at her favorite night spot, Sue loves to go boating on Lake Eerie and hang out with her Shitzu Zoie. “She is the best dog ever,” she said. “I love and miss her all day.”

“A lot of my friends keep their boats right in Grosse Ille or Gibralter,” she said. “I love boating, boating is huge.”

Sue also loves to travel. She spent some time in northern Michigan last year, in both Traverse City and Charlevoix. She also frequently visits her parents in Florida. Soon she will take off for Hawaii, a “bucket list” location for the Michigan native.