Dedication, Drive and Sacrifice

Meet RPM’s Chrisy Young.

Most days, it’s dark when she arrives, and dark when she leaves. The back door of the RPM office leads to an alleyway that opens up to a busy street. Although Royal Oak is small, it screams with characteristics of a bustling big city.

Her days turn to nights quickly, and her work week often extends to the weekend – well beyond a normal 40-hour work week. To Chrisy Young, it’s dedication like this that has driven her success.

Chrisy’s journey with RPM began in 2013. She was one of less than a dozen employees working at the Royal Oak headquarters at the time. Even in its humble beginnings, RPM’s founders envisioned a transportation company that worked as a team to provide transparency to its customers.

“They were willing to take as much of a chance on me as I was on them,” she said. “I had never been in sales before, but I started in sales here. I did that for about a year and switched over to the operations role, where I kind of found my niche.”

Chrisy worked on the customer side before joining the RPM team. She said that is how she was first introduced to logistics. “I think that’s what makes me good in my role,” she said. “As a customer I knew what information I wanted, expected and needed.”

Her role operationally supports that of RPM co-founder Peter Osten. “It just works,” Chrisy said of her partnership with Peter. “We work really well together and I couldn’t imagine myself working with anyone else,” she said. “We have gotten to a point where what we do, and how we do it, is pretty seamless.”

What drives her may not be different than most. Her motivation for success lies in the love that she has for her five children, Dylan (22), Brendan (18), Riley (16), Lucie (16), Collin (14).

Chrisy doesn’t get to see her children as often as she would like because they live with their father in Ortonville – and admits that sometimes she feels like she sacrificed her children for her success.

“I was at a point where I was working crazy hours here,” she said. “When I started here I was on assistance. I was here a little over a year and I was at a point where my lights were being shut off, or I wouldn’t have enough groceries. One year, we didn’t even have a Christmas, and then things began to change.”

Long days and longer work weekends are not for the faint at heart, but Chrisy dedicates her drive for success, and unwillingness to quit, to her children.

“Everything I’ve done here, I did for them. Good or bad, I did for them,” she said. “I wanted to give them a better life. I just think the better life is a very different picture than I had originally thought it would be.”

When she allows herself some free time, Chrisy loves to bake. It’s a relaxing hobby that, along with her RPM coworkers, has gotten her through some of her toughest times.

“I’ve been fortunate to make really good friends here,” she said. “Some of the best friends that I could possibly have are here. I’ve built relationships that will last a lifetime.”

Take it from Chrisy who said if she has learned one thing, the most important thing, it’s to never give up.

“The hard work does pay off,” she said. “I’m not afraid to work hard and I won’t let something fail. When you have other people relying on you, you don’t have the option to fail. At RPM, you get what you give. I have given a lot, but they have given me so much more.”